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Wastewater treatment systems (WWTS) have become the preferred choice for replacing septic systems and installing new systems in residential areas. As a wastewater specialist, our focus is on implementing these advanced systems, whether for new home construction or the replacement of existing septic or greywater systems.

Local governments highly recommend WWTS due to their ability to generate high-quality recycled wastewater suitable for surface or sub-surface irrigation. Moreover, they have a larger capacity to handle sewage volumes compared to conventional septic systems. In these systems, both blackwater and greywater are treated together, streamlining the process compared to older septic/greywater systems.

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Our Process

WWTS Treatment Stages

Stage 1: The initial chamber is designed to capture heavier organic solids that settle at the bottom, while lighter fats and greases float to the top. The middle layer of wastewater flows into the second chamber for further treatment by anaerobic bacteria.

Stage 2: The secondary chamber facilitates the additional settling of organic solids.

Stage 3: The third chamber is known as the aeration chamber. Air is introduced through a structure called the “Bio-Mass,” creating small air bubbles that feed naturally occurring aerobic bacteria. These microscopic bacteria break down the remaining organic matter, resulting in water purification and odour elimination.

Stage 4: In the fourth chamber, referred to as the “Clarification Chamber,” more settling of organic matter takes place. Once settled, the mixture of aerobic bacteria and fine particle solids is returned to the primary chamber to maintain a healthy and efficient system.

Stage 5: The fifth chamber, known as the “Disinfection Chamber,” is where the final treatment occurs. It contains chlorine tablets that eliminate harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses before the treated water is pumped to the Land Application Area (LAA), which can include surface sprinklers or sub-surface absorption.

Approved Installers

Approved Installers By Leading Manufacturers

As wastewater specialists, we recommend and work with several reputable brands that provide high-quality treated wastewater solutions:

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their WWTS, which should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and local council requirements. Licensed service agents should conduct the maintenance, ensuring compliance. A comprehensive report will be provided upon completion to satisfy the installation approval conditions.

At All Kind Wastewater, we understand the importance of timely servicing for WWTS. To simplify the process, we offer reminders to our clients, notifying them when their system is due for maintenance. This service helps alleviate the hassle associated with scheduling and ensures the longevity and effectiveness of their wastewater treatment system.

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